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Hivve is an education ecosystem. Students thrive in our welcoming, light-filled spaces because Hivve brings together all the elements needed to optimise learning.

Research shows that well-designed classrooms improve attention span, creativity and mood, and boost student performance in reading, writing and maths 1. Giving teachers the ability to control air flow and thermal comfort levels in a classroom also improves student productivity and behaviour 1.

We’ve paid close attention to every aspect of the Hivve education ecosystem to create a flexible, accessible and healthy learning environment. We’ve used sustainable materials, and considered temperature control, fresh air, natural light, acoustics and layout. Our integrated smart technology gives students access to Hivve’s living systems — including real-time energy use and air quality data — enabling students to enjoy practical, real life lessons in caring for our planet, and making it easy for teachers to control the classroom environment.


Students learn best in a Hivve.

Research shows that student learning outcomes are closely related to the quality of the learning environment. Well-designed classrooms improve attention span, creativity and mood, and boost student performance in reading, writing and maths1.

Hivve’s clever design gives students and teachers a flexible learning space equipped with the latest smart technology and floor to ceiling whiteboards.

Air Quality

Hivve maintains a healthy indoor environment so that can students can concentrate all day.

Poor indoor air quality — including high CO2 levels from inadequate ventilation — impairs cognitive ability and leads to drowsy, unmotivated learners1.

Unlike temperature and light levels, it’s hard to know that air quality is poor until it’s too late. Hivve’s real time CO2 level data lets the teacher know that air quality is deteriorating and that fresh air needs to be introduced.

Fresh air can be introduced through Hivve’s generous windows which encourage cross ventilation or if it’s too hot or cold outside, the heating and cooling system continuously adds fresh air.


Temperature is just right in a Hivve all year round and research shows students perform better when their temperature is just right1.

Hivve balances passive and active thermal design elements. High R-rated insulation, shade elements, thermally efficient windows, and a heating and cooling system powered by solar energy, all contribute to energy efficient indoor temperature control.

Hivve’s real-time technology monitors the indoor environment, allowing teachers to get on with the job, and giving them the ability to monitor and adjust the temperature at the touch of a button.


Hivve lets students hear….and be heard.

Teaching and learning has moved away from ‘chalk and talk’ to a far more collaborative focus, and as a result, classrooms these days can be noisy. Research shows that children from classrooms with poor acoustics have lower literacy and numeracy skills than those from classrooms with good acoustics1.

Hivve has good acoustic performance, catering for both lively classroom discussion (without giving everyone a headache) and quiet reading and reflection.

Sustainable learning

Hivve is a ready made education ecosystem with integrated smart-monitoring and control systems creating an interactive learning experience.

Primary school students can interact with Hivve’s living systems to learn more about caring for the environment. However, Hivve’s real time, sophisticated operational data is also ideal for senior curriculum in both science and environmental engineering. Students can track real-time power use (including solar PV energy performance data), temperature and air quality via a web-based interface.


Hivve maximises natural light through good design.

Research shows that children learn 20% to 26% faster in natural daylight. Poor lighting has a negative effect on brain function, health and attention span1.

Hivve’s large, well-placed, windows and high ceilings enable natural light to become the primary light source. And because we know schools work with space constraints, we’ve designed Hivve to work anywhere, regardless of orientation.

  1. Please contact Hivve for more information and research papers.




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