Hivve is a sustainable education ecosystem that offers schools value for money over the long term.

Hivve is a responsible, value for money investment that schools deserve and don’t have to wait forever to get.

Hivve is full of clever design features that reduce energy use, and our smart technology monitors electricity demand and avoids waste. An integrated solar PV system takes care of Hivve’s energy needs, with excess energy to share with traditional classrooms.

Our in-built alerts ensures that all equipment is working efficiently, extending system life and reducing maintenance costs.

And Hivve won’t drain the budget, because our innovative funding options help schools to access critical infrastructure, fast.

Fast to Build

Hivve is quick.

Our prefabricated design means that Hivve is ready to go in a fraction of the time it takes to construct a traditional classroom.

Hivve also saves time and minimises red-tape. Schools don’t need to get caught up in the design phase, or delayed by planning and development approvals. And because Hivve is fast to install, schools avoid managing difficult, noisy building projects that interrupt school timetables.

Value for money

Hivve is a wise investment.

Hivve is fabricated in a controlled environment to exacting standards using quality materials designed to last. Hivve’s efficient construction process controls cost and risk delivering on time and budget.

Hivve also avoids the hidden construction costs and delays that plague old-fashioned insitu built classrooms that require expensive and ongoing maintenance and offer no flexibility over the long term.

Flexible. Organic. Dynamic.

Hivve is forever young.

Hivve’s robust, flexible modular design enables it to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of school communities over the long term.

Hivve Technology is continuously being developed to ensure Hivve is always harnessing the latest energy, control and analysis applications.

Hivve relieves schools of the burden of having to deal with ageing, inflexible infrastructure.


Hivve saves money every day.

Hivve’s integrated solar PV system generates clean energy, reducing a school’s need to import electricity from the grid and limiting exposure to spiralling energy prices.

Our smart technology not only helps schools manage energy demand at a touch of a button, our real-time monitoring helps schools avoid unnecessary, and expensive energy waste. In-built alerts ensure that all systems are working efficiently, extending system life and reducing maintenance costs.

Flexible finance

Hivve is cash flow friendly.

We’ve done the maths in order to offer schools innovative finance solutions that fund critical school infrastructure programs without blowing the budget.

Schools can choose from a range of options to translate upfront capital costs into affordable, periodic payments spread over time.

It all adds up – Hivve pays it’s way.




Energy Efficient

Solar Powered

Improves Academic Performance

Intelligent System & Controls

Thermal Comfort

Fresh Air

Fast Build

Value for Money