Intelligently designed buildings that are better for students, better for the environment and better value

Hivve is an advanced environmentally responsible education ecosystem that has been thoughtfully designed to create a flexible, accessible and healthy learning environment. Students thrive in our welcoming, light-filled spaces because Hivve brings together all the elements needed to optimise learning.

We’ve used sustainable materials, maximised natural light, and considered acoustics and layout. Our advanced temperature and fresh air management systems keep the environment just right while integrated solar power generates enough electricity for Hivve and two other classrooms.

Hivve’s smart technology gives students real time access to its living systems – including how much energy is being generated and used plus temperature and air quality data – enabling students to enjoy practical, real life lessons in caring for our planet, and making it easy for teachers to control the classroom environment.

Hivve is the ideal space for teachers and students to enjoy learning together.


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