The Hivve

Innovative classrooms: embedded with Hivve iQ

Intelligently designed buildings that are better for students, better for the environment and better for the budget.

The Hivve is an innovative, prefabricated modular building that has been thoughtfully designed to create a flexible, accessible and healthy learning environment. Students thrive in our welcoming, light-filled spaces because The Hivve is an educational ecosystem, bringing together all the elements needed to optimise learning. We’ve incorporated sustainable materials, maximised natural light and considered acoustics and layout. The Hivve comes fitted with Hivve iQ, an advanced indoor environment management system, to ensure comfortable and healthy indoor temperatures and air quality year-round.

The Hivve not only powers itself with clean energy, it also generates enough power to run six other classrooms.

Real-time data on energy consumption, temperature and air quality gives teachers the ability to actively control the classroom environment, schools greater control over their power use, and students practical, real life lessons in caring for our world.

The Hivve is the ideal space for teachers and students to enjoy learning together.

Hivve iQ

Smart technology: a sustainable solution for every classroom

Hivve iQ means schools no longer have to choose between environmental responsibility and the wellbeing and thermal comfort of students and teachers.

Hivve iQ is a self-sufficient clean energy system integrated with advanced indoor environment management technology that can be fitted—or retrofitted—into new or existing school infrastructure to improve the performance of learning spaces.

Hivve iQ is a web enabled, ‘plug and play’ technology, giving schools access to real-time data on solar energy generation and energy loads so schools can control energy consumption, improve sustainability practices, and save money.

It is a tailored, flexible and scaleable energy solution that can be adjusted to suit the energy needs of every school. Hivve iQ can be connected to existing solar installations or can even work off grid.

Hivve iQ gives teachers the ability to actively control the quality of the classroom environment, enhancing student wellbeing and optimising learning by ensuring comfortable and healthy indoor temperatures and air quality year-round.

Hivve iQ comes with a user-friendly dashboard that is a powerful learning tool, giving students real-life lessons in caring for the environment.


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