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Young minds need environments that stimulate and nurture. Decades of experience with Daycare, Pre-school and Early Learning Centres has given Hivve the insights to work collaboratively with administrators to plan and build the optimum buildings and infrastructure.

Research shows that a healthy, safe environment is critical for a child’s early development. So Hivve has paid particular attention to the design, finishes and quality of the environment to provide fun, healthy places for children to learn and play.

Through design and construction.

Safe communal spaces. Abundant natural light. Fresh air. Soothing acoustics. Natural finishes. All carefully brought together through modular construction in a factory environment, for greater quality control and minimum disruption to daily operations and infant welfare.

By using renewable energy.

Hivve has developed a renewable Power System that can be installed into childcare facilities, new or existing. The system captures solar energy, stores it in a battery, then Hivve iQ manages output to all electrical systems including air conditioning. It’s so efficient it can generate more energy than it uses, even on hot days. The result: reliable, clean power at zero cost.

By managing power with Hivve iQ.

Smart technology known as Hivve IQ intuitively maintains comfort levels and air quality irrespective of temperatures outside. Working synergistically with a Hivve Renewable Power System, Hivve iQ manages and controls power generation, usage & reporting to maintain the optimum environment for growing minds.


Energy Efficient

Solar Powered

Improves Indoor Environment

Intelligent System & Controls

Thermal Comfort

Fresh Air

Fast Build

Value for Money