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Hivve began as a dream.  We observed a need for high-quality, sustainable infrastructure. We  responded by creating sustainable, modular buildings integrating clean energy systems, efficiently and affordably, tailored to the education sector. Building on our strengths, we’re now meeting the needs of healthcare, residential and work environments.

Inherent in all we do is a set of ideals. A building must:

  • be intelligently-designed, aesthetically pleasing and built to last
  • evoke a sense of welcoming, be flexible and healthy
  • make a positive, lasting contribution to the environment
  • integrate smart technology to monitor & optimise performance
  • deliver lasting true value

To achieve this, our multi skilled team of design, energy, engineering and technology specialists work together to create better buildings and indoor spaces while minimising the environmental impact & energy costs.

Our Directors

David Wrench, Managing Director of Hivve Technology, together with Richard Doyle, Director of Hivve Technology, lead a small, multidisciplinary team of experienced design, engineering and technology specialists who have joined forces to create Hivve.

David Wrench

Managing Director

David combines extensive experience in modular building design and construction with a deep understanding of energy systems and markets. With an engineering background, he has worked in the banking, energy and construction sectors, having successfully established and grown businesses over the past 25 years. David’s passion for innovation, clever design and a vision that schools can use smart renewable energy systems to sustainably meet the needs of future generations led to the creation of Hivve Technology in 2017.

Richard Doyle


Richard is an experienced senior finance professional and energy market specialist with more than 20 years experience in Australian Energy Markets. Richard is also an Independent Adviser to ASX listed companies. Richard has a passion for developing entrepeneurial and sustainable solutions to energy market challenges for both the government and private sectors. Richard is currently Director of Hivve Technology.

Our Partners

Hivve has a number of key partners. Together the team created Hivve, bringing together all the elements needed to optimise learning sustainably.
Design, construction and project management –– HIVVE & ARUP
Battery Storage –– TESLA
Technology –– HIVVE IQ
Renewable Energy –– ARENA


Arup Group

Arup Group, a leading international design and engineering firm, provided structural engineering expertise to allow Hivve to be flexible, structurally sound, meet all building code requirements with enhanced acoustic, fire, structural and vibration performance. Arup and Hivve have developed a prefabricated, modular school building that can be stacked in low, medium and high-rise configurations and then deconstructed and reconfigured as school needs change.



Tesla is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy with electric cars, solar panels and integrated renewable energy solutions.


Hivve IQ

Hivve IQ is a patent-pending intelligent building management system with fully integrated solar PV energy generation. The building management system combines real time energy generation and use metering with real-time environment monitoring. It enables the collection of performance data to help schools manage energy demand as well as providing teachers with a web-enabled in-classroom teaching tool.



3 Hivve buildings are currently being tested in schools as a pilot in partnership with ARENA, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency throughout 2018.

Energy Efficient

Solar Powered

Improves Indoor Performance

Intelligent System & Controls

Thermal Comfort

Fresh Air

Fast Build

Value for Money