Hivve’s partnership with sustainability leaders

Modelling a responsible approach to sustainability is a school priority at Dapto High School, making it one of the leading sustainable schools in NSW. The School has been a perfect partner for a ground-breaking and highly successful trial of Hivve’s first classroom.

Hivve developed and extensively tested its next generation learning space—an innovative, modular classroom with solar energy generation and real time energy and environment monitoring technology—before embarking on the 12 month pilot program at Dapto High School. The Hivve was installed in January 2018 for use by a number of classes across the Agriculture, Science and Maths faculties. The pilot program was jointly funded by Hivve and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, ARENA.

The Hivve was designed to create the best learning and environmental outcomes, including advanced temperature and fresh air management systems, while generating extra energy for the school.

“We’re delighted by the results of this trial,” said David Wrench, Executive Director at  Hivve. “Initial hopes were that the Hivve would power 2 other classrooms but after 6 months Hivve data has revealed that the Hivve is powering 6 other classrooms.”

“This remarkable, highly insulated portable building has 8+KWh capacity on the roof, heats and lights itself, monitors CO2 and dust particles and exports power to the rest of the School,” said Principal Andrew FitzSimons. FitzSimons has been described as “doer” when it comes to environmental issues, after considering the School’s large electricity bills and the fact that students were learning in classrooms with temperatures at 39 degrees Celsius and above.

A Tesla Powerwall battery has also been installed. “This has not only ensured that the Hivve has not used any power from the School’s supply, the Hivve now consistently exports clean energy to the rest of the school,” said Richard Doyle, Director of Hivve Technology. “We really believe Hivve technology is the secret to powering the classrooms of the future.”