A pioneering installation at Amity College.

Illawarra’s Amity College is part of a network providing education to 1700 students across 3 campuses. Increased enrolments plus the adoption of energy-intensive technology had put a strain on the school’s energy demands and the existing electrical supply system was struggling to keep up. Then the college was faced with the challenge of providing power for 3 new classrooms.

The prospect of a costly power upgrade was avoided by the installation of a Hivve 25 kW solar PV generation system, monitored by Hivve iQ. The Hivve Power System not only meets the energy needs of the 3 classrooms, it supplements the energy needs of the entire school.

As Richard Doyle Director of Hivve Technology explains, “Hivve Technology has not only helped Amity College by providing clean energy. It has also improved the indoor environment while Hivve iQ makes it easy for teachers to control the classroom environment and monitor CO2 levels.”