Hivve iQ’s clean, cheap energy

Hivve’s clean energy technology systems are enabling growing schools to avoid costly power upgrades. Amity College has just installed Hivve iQ in three new classrooms at its Illawarra campus (K-10). The school is part of a network of schools, providing education for over 1,700 students from K-12 across three campuses.

Increases in school enrolments, plus the use of energy intensive technology and air conditioning is pushing many schools across Australia beyond the limits of their power supplies.

Amity College, Illawarra had an existing power supply that was under pressure particularly when meeting peak electricity demand requirements. To avoid a very costly power upgrade, the College has turned to Hivve Technology, installing a 25kW solar PV generation system integrated with Hivve’s real time energy metering and environmental monitoring technology.

Over the last two terms Hivve iQ has been successfully supplying a substantial portion of the school’s energy needs, reducing reliance on grid power,” said Richard Doyle, Director of Hivve Technology. “Hivve Technology has not only helped Amity College by providing clean energy, it has also improved the indoor environment of these classrooms, making it easy for teachers to control the classroom environment and to monitor CO2 levels.”