Hivve: Thriving off-grid

The installation of an off-grid Hivve classroom at Bracken Ridge State High School, a growing secondary school located in the north east of Brisbane, is an exciting development for Australian schools. The Bracken Ridge SHS off-grid Hivve paves the way for the development of energy self-sufficient schools, avoiding expensive power upgrades and escalating operating costs.

The Hivve modular classroom, embedded with Hivve iQ technology, is 100% powered by solar energy combined with a Tesla battery storage system. The result? The Hivve has been happily operating entirely off-grid since commissioning in June 2018.

The increasing use of energy intensive technology and air conditioning is pushing many schools across Australia beyond the limits of their existing power supply capacities. Consequently, at times of peak energy demand on the hottest days, schools can experience “brown-outs” and the need to ration the use of air conditioning. Even relatively small projects require power supply upgrades, and in many cases the cost of a power supply upgrade can exceed the project cost.

For example, at Bracken Ridge State High School the cost of upgrading the power supply to provide electricity to a new classroom was going to be prohibitively expensive. This cost was enough of a road block to prevent the project from going ahead.

“Hivve was able to provide a totally off-grid solution,” said David Wrench, Executive Director at Hivve Sustainable Schools. “The cost of the Hivve’s off-grid power supply was significantly lower than the cost of connecting the classroom to the School’s power supply network. Better still, there are no ongoing operating costs because the classroom uses its own zero carbon emission solar energy.”

Hivve Technology’s real time data has shown that the Hivve at Bracken Ridge State High School has enjoyed continuous operation of all powered systems, including technology, lighting and air conditioning.

“The power generated and stored by the Hivve is also sufficient to ensure comfortable and healthy indoor temperatures and air quality year round,” said Richard Doyle, Director of Hivve Technology. “Brisbane sweltered through its hottest summer on record in 2017. We’re happy to have provided the Bracken Ridge State High School with a Hivve that will not only save on energy costs, it’ll monitor thermal comfort and air quality, keeping students comfortably learning even on the hottest days of the year.”