Hivve iQ generates smart savings while keeping kids cool in Penrith

Penrith Christian School is located in Greater Western Sydney where year-round air conditioning is essential to keep classrooms comfortable, especially during the extremes of hot summer days and cold winter mornings. The installation of Hivve iQ in two classrooms at the School means that these fully air conditioned buildings are powered by clean solar energy, helping the school enjoy significant savings on energy bills.  In addition, the data generated by this innovative classroom management system is helping the school monitor and manage the indoor environment for improved learning outcomes.

“We saw the opportunity to trial Hivve iQ in two new EPB modular classrooms to help us manage electricity costs by using renewable energy,” said Mr Bruce Nevill, Principal of Penrith Christian School. “We’re also really interested in how we can more effectively manage our classrooms to improve learning outcomes for all students, and Hivve iQ gives us a unique opportunity to understand how our classroom environments work and how we can continue to improve them over time.”

The School started using Hivve iQ’s classroom management system in two Year 2 classrooms at the beginning of Term 4 this year. The Hivve iQ system includes a 16.2kW solar PV system, advanced reverse cycle air conditioning, along with an IOT metering and monitoring system with cloud-based data storage.

“All the components of Hivve iQ work together to give the School a completely integrated solution and the Hivve iQ in-classroom dashboard displays key metrics in a user-friendly way,” said David Wrench, Executive Director at Hivve Techology. “Hivve iQ is providing Penrith Christian School with vital, real time data about solar energy generation, energy demand, indoor and outdoor temperature, as well as indoor air quality.”

Despite several weeks of wet and overcast weather during Term 4, the system has generated enough clean energy to fully power both Year 2 classrooms and, on average, generated enough energy to power 8 other classrooms.

There have also been some scorchers to contend with. “Hivve iQ has maintained stable temperatures during school hours on some very hot days,” said Richard Doyle, Director of Hivve Technology. “For instance, on November 2 of this year, while the outside temperature hit 36.5 degrees at midday, the inside temperature of the classroom was a very comfortable 23.7 degrees. At the same time, Hivve iQ was generating more than enough energy to power the classrooms with the surplus being used across the school.”