A sustainable village in St Felix Catholic Primary School, Bankstown.

Space is not always in abundance, yet Hivve creativity is. Backing up the success of classrooms we built for St Christopher’s in Holsworthy, Hivve then went to St Felix’s in Bankstown, transforming what was previously a car park into a sustainable yet space-efficient learning village.

Collaborating with architects Munns Sly Moore, Hivve created classrooms for year 5 & 6 students cleverly designed to utilise space between the church and the neighbouring La Salle college. Buildings were installed and fully operational just in time for the 2020 school year, accommodating 120 year 5 & 6 students.

Installation of a Hivve Power System utilising PV generation and battery storage provided a sustainable yet lower cost energy solution. Being off-grid avoided the expense of connection to the school’s existing power supply.

Hivve iQ constantly monitors energy systems and measures of ambient temperatures & air quality indoors and out – in real time. Comfort levels are adjusted via the Hivve iQ control panel, to maintain the optimum learning environment, intuitively and sustainably.