St Felix Catholic Primary School welcomes a new Hivve sustainable village. 

Following the success of one of the first Hivve classrooms installed at St ChristopherCatholic Primary School, Holsworthy, Sydney Catholic Schools were keen to extend Hivves capabilities as a flexible and sustainable classroom for the future. St Felix CPS required additional classroom space for its year 5 and 6 classes and it was felt that Hivve classrooms would be an ideal solution. 

In collaboration with Munns Sly Moore, the school’s architects, a village style design was developed that included two double classroom buildings and toilet facilities opening onto a covered outdoor learning area. 

The layout of the buildings and open space was carefully designed to suit the only space available on the site – a small carpark area sandwiched between the St Felix parish church and the neighbouring La Salle College. 

As is increasingly common in school developments, connecting the buildings to the school’s existing power supply proved to be costly and complex undertakingThe Hivve team was able to design an alternative “off-grid” power supply solution using solar PV generation and battery storage. This solution was a lower cost alternative than connecting to grid supply and was welcomed by the school as an opportunity to embrace a sustainable development.  

In addition, the classrooms include Hivve iQ technology to monitor energy systems (both generation and consumptionand measure outdoor and indoor temperatures and air quality in real time. This data is displayed on webbased dashboard app to inform and help optimise the classroom’s environment for learning in an energy efficient and fully sustainable way. 

All buildings were successfully installed and commissioned for the start of the 2020 school year and have transformed an old carpark into a flexible, fully air-conditioned and sustainable learning environment for more than 120 year 5 and 6 students.