Amity is an entirely new college, it’s also an Australian first.

Construction was already underway on an Amity College at Shellharbour in 2018. Yet a costly grid connection upgrade presented an expensive roadblock ahead. What Hivve created was an entire campus fully-powered by clean energy – an Australian first.

Hivve already had a clean energy system operating on a smaller scale at the college. This not only gave Amity College the data it needed, it also gave them the confidence to step up. As the college’s Director of Finance of Finance & Projects Recep Aydogan said,  “We knew how reliable our initial Hivve Power System was.” The challenge now was to scale it up to power an entire campus.

The scale was breathtaking. A 75kW Hivve Power System captures solar energy which is harnessed by 128 kWh battery storage. Hivve iQ monitors the energy systems and allows optimum comfort levels to be maintained, for improved learning outcomes.

In the words of David Wrench, Hivve’s Executive Director of Technology, “Hivve is about transforming education by thinking big and thinking differently—combining the best renewable energy solutions with technology that also improves the indoor learning environment.”

The school was completed in time for Term 3 of 2019 and is totally energy self-sufficient. So now, Amity College enjoys access to a clean energy that will never be depleted, and provides students with an education they’ll never forget.